Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wasted Youth - Week 4 Progress Report

It's been another exciting week of production on the game as things are starting to really come together. The most visible change is that we have a playable early build of the basic game mechanics put together and ready for testing! We actually got it in front of testers yesterday and started gathering up feedback on the control scheme and basic mechanics and got a ton of wonderful data in the process. Really exciting stuff, and a huge boost for morale - it really made everyone feel like we're working on something tangible.

Working with placeholder art elements, of course, but we've got them actually working in game, with working physics and everything.
We've already incorporated a ton of the feedback into the game and should be able to test the new changes in tomorrow's playtesting session.

Jenny's base mesh is basically done and being unwrapped in preparation of texturing and high-poly sculpting.

This low-poly version of the mesh will have additional edges added to it and will be brought into ZBrush for high-poly sculpting so that we can extract normal maps and make it look really great. Zach has been working really hard on this stuff, and we're really excited to get the mesh in-game.

What an adorable backpack.
Beau spent some time working on more concept work, focusing on some great designs for our robots.

He also put together another great look and feel piece, helping to resolve some of the style questions. It was extremely helpful and brought up a lot of new questions we are going to work together this week to try to resolve.

This week we're going to spend a lot of time working on tying down the backstory for the world, putting together the script for the comic book that will serve as the introduction to the world, the opening cinematic and a great promotional piece.

Finally, one of the most exciting pieces of art we got this week was a glimpse at one of our favorite pieces of the game.

How cool is that?

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