Thursday, July 14, 2011

Parkour Animation

The second piece of animation I did for my Ani399 physicality class was a short, 100-frame parkour piece. First step was to analyze my video reference and create thumbnails, timed out in flash.

Next was to build a stage and block in the animation in Maya.

I then took feedback in class and incorporated the suggestions into the poses, then began splining.

I took further critique from class, changed the set to be something a bit more dramatic, finessed the splines and rendered the scene.

Ninja Drop animation

I started taking a class in animating for physicality. The first piece I did was of a ninja dropping from the ceiling and then slinking away.

First step was to sketch out thumbnails based on my video reference.

I then took these and blocked in the key poses for the animation.

From there, I took the feedback from my class session and fixed some of the poses. I then I began splining the animation, first using linear and autoTangent and then finessing them a bit.

There was a number of issues, especially the "sticky" hand resulting in the IK/FK switching, which I hadn't done before. I fixed the issues I could and polished the splines, resulting in this rendered version of the animation, the final so far.