Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here's a couple drawings I did for my Tone, Color and Composition class during my second semester.

The following are thumbnails and reference images I did for a final for this class, a self-portrait as a game or other fictional character.

The last one is the pencils for the final painting I did in acryllic. Below are progress pictures from the process. It still isn't my favorite, by a long shot, but it's kind of fun looking back at the process I went through for this stuff. A year later, though, I really, really wish I could re-do this. So many problems.

Unfortunately (or maybe not) I don't have a copy of the final, but it is basically the face out in and a few color corrections. Looking back at this, I should have paid a lot more attention to the light, the gun flares and the reference, and bounced the light around a lot more, reflecting the color of the armor into the skulls and back, the green of the environment onto the armor and not used as much black and worked in more dark desaturated tones. And ideally, used oils instead of acrylic.

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  1. Dude, your blog is looking sweet. I thoroughly enjoy all your process work, especially your lighting comps with your little toys. Very cool.