Saturday, June 19, 2010

Echo - Menus and stuff

Last year for school, I was lucky enough to be invited to work on a really great game team, focusing mainly on ui and menu art but helping out here and there wherever I could. Below are a few pieces I got to design for the project.

The logo for the game team.

The logo for the game itself.

The main menu system.

A character status UI showing current equipped weapon and other two carried weapons, health (shown by color of character silhouette) and ammunition status.

Achievement popout with icons for each achievement.

A pitch meter, for a mechanic in the game where you hum into a microphone to match a beat, similar to Guitar Hero or RockBand.

A texture for one of the models in the game.

Unfortunately, due to changes in the game design (it was a student game, after all, such things are inevitable) nearly none of the art above made it into the final build of the game, but it was still a ton of fun to work on and a great learning experience.

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