Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Junior Projects 1

For the first half of my junior year, I had to create a short animation in 3d from start to finish, including designing the character, building and texturing it, rigging and skinning it, building, texturing and lighting the set and then animating and compositing the rendered result.

I ended up having huge amounts of technical problems, some of which were my fault, some of which were the fault of the software, and so the result of the project wasn't ideal at all, but it's just the first attempt at something like this, and a lot was learned in the process.

Below are some examples of my work for the project.

Initial character design, sans color.

Color comps, testing out color combinations of the basic shapes for the character on a variety of values of backgrounds.

An early storyboard. This story was scrapped, due to a number of technical issues as well as the fact that it just plain wasn't any good.

Below are a number of rendered frames from the final animation. The video itself is fraught with issues, so to preserve my dignity and sanity I'm just posting a few stills.

I'm starting a new semester-long project in the same vein, and am excited about how it looks so far. I'll post more about it as I get more completed.

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