Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Projects 350 - Storyboard Pass

Below is another of my PRJ350 progress journal entries. This one details my first pass at a rough storyboard.

01 – The goblin enters the screen from Stage Left. Seeing a sword stuck in an anvil, he gets naturally curious.

02 – As he reaches for the sword, a shaft of light appears from the heavens. He tentatively accepts this new fact and begins to struggle with pulling the sword free.

03 – The goblin, struggling with all his might, pulls and tugs at the sword, stuck fast in the anvil.

04 – Finally, despite his small stature, he manages to tug the blade free. The resulting momentum, however, propels him backward onto his butt on the roadside.

05 – The goblin shakes his head and comes to his senses. Realizing his situation, he beams at his luck, and then, to our astonishment, pitches the new-found blade into the bushes.

06 – The goblin's true intentions are revealed as he grabs the heavy anvil and struggles to carry it off-screen Stage Right.

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