Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More concept art.

I decided I wasn't particularly happy with the ork concept art for ZBrush, so I went back and grabbed a piece I did last year for my concept art class. The ork was too generic and not particularly inspired, due to the rush in creation, but I had more time to spend developing the character and its backstory, and hit on something I thought was interesting and creative with Ann Enemy, the crust punk mermaid.

There's actually quite a bit of backstory about Ann Enemy I created. She's the little sister of an alternate version of the Little Mermaid. In this version, their father Neptune, known to enjoy his drink and possessing a legendary temper, was an abusive father, and so rather the Little Mermaid escaped to land, bargaining with a sea witch for legs not to pursue true love but to get away from the abuse, leaving behind her little sister. Ann, following the lead of her older sibling, escaped as well, but wasn't as fortunate as her sister when it came to getting legs. Instead she came ashore in Texas, leaving the Gulf of Mexico, and was taken in by a group of tramps who hopped trains and rode the rails across the continent. There she learned to embrace her new life and the anonymity it provided.

Much of the reference came from a wonderful archives of photos by Mike Brodie, aka Polaroid Kidd. I've also found a wonderful model from the 3DSK archives, a young lady named Mary, that is standing in as my anatomy reference model.

I've gotten a start in modeling out the head so far, and will be detailing out the body soon, getting the rough quad model blocked out so I can begin subdivision and sculpting in ZBrush. I'll post progress as I go.

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