Thursday, November 17, 2011

Salvage Youth - Week 10 Progress Report

Another productive week with a lot of exciting progress, even with the myriad distractions that presented themselves this week.

First up, we got the car model finished and unwrapped. It is now being sculpted in Zbrush by Dan, and we're excited to get it in-engine.

We made a handful of smaller props to help fill out the trash in the environment, too.

Alexi also made a set of platforms we can attach to rooftops and piles of junk to help build out the paths the kids will take through the environment.

Additionally we have the base models we're using for our main menu completed and ready for sculpting and textures.

The see-saw and mattress are also ready for texture.

As well as the first draft of the small car model.

And the picket fence.

If you hadn't noticed, Alexi is an absolute beast when it comes to producing models.

I made a texture set for the see-saw this week.

Beau has been cranking through concept art as well as churning out great game concept layout work.

The designers have shifted focus, now that we've got a lot of core functionality in-game, to laying out fun to play platforming puzzles and then providing them to Beau to make them make sense for our game world. 

The game layout itself is getting to be a lot of fun - still a lot of placeholder art and objects in, but it's coming along great, and the data we're getting from our weekly testing has been incredibly valuable. 

Zach got ill this week and wasn't able to get through everything he wanted to, but he still did some wonderful work getting the wrench finished up and working on designs for Stu, our third kid.

He's already underway on modelling him so we can get a rough version of him in-game and get rid of the last of the placeholder robot guys. We're all really excited to see him in-game.

Finally, and most exciting for me, Randy finished the character rig and got animation import working for the game.

I've been spending the rest of my time working on animating Jenny and getting her ready for in-game. It's been a lot of testing and working with the designers early-on to get the speed and physicality down, but I should have a lot of fun stuff to share soon.

We set ourselves some new goals this week and are looking at making some really exciting new art and gameplay over the next month or so, and with any luck we're hoping to have the game ready for early public testing by mid-January.

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