Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Greetings. For those of you who don't already know me, I'm a student at Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington, pursuing my BFA in Production Animation. I'm going to try to keep this space updated with past and future projects I've done. Below are drawings and sketches from my first semester, August through December 2008.

This was a self-portrait I did in blue and black india ink and orange watercolor for my Art 101 final last year.

This was an anatomy study for an imaginary creature assignment in my BIO100 class, designed around the idea of an animal from a recently discovered planet that senses the world in a unique way. Below is another rendering of the creature.

Essentially, he's a whiskered frog with tentacle fingers that he uses electroreception to sense his prey in mud and murky water.

A sketch of an orangutan from Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, for the same Bio class. The orangutans there are amazing, they will literally pose for you when you sketch them.

This is an ink rendering of a pagoda done in india ink on denril. Not my favorite piece, as there are all kinds of issues with the perspective (it really should have been a three-point study instead of two, for instance) but it is a good example of work I've done during that year.

This is the first walk cycle I've ever done, created for my Ani101 class. Somehow I ended up adding a funk beat to it, which I'm convinced makes every walk cycle 5000% better. The cycle itself is pretty weak overall, with far too much exaggeration and unrealistic follow-through, but it was a good learning exercise.

This is my first run cycle, done for the same class. Not as bad as the walk, but there's still issues, especially the way his butt keeps bobbing.

A quadruped walk cycle. He's stiff-legged and limps, but the basic principles are there... sorta. I still like the way his ear flaps around.

A modified walk cycle, for the same class. At the time I was really proud of the flip, although he loses a ton of volume during it somehow. TO be entirely honest, the only reason for the flip was that I miscalculated how much room I needed to get all the steps in I needed, so I improvised.

My first dialog test. The mouth shapes work well and the acting is okay, but the volumes are all over the place. Not my favorite work.

And finally, "Orphans vs Missiles", a joint project between myself and my friend Decker Geddes for our final piece of that year. It's goofy and not particularly beautiful animation, but I won't deny that it was a blast to make.

I'll try to get some more art up soon, I've got about two years worth of projects I could post, I just need the time.

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  1. Dude, the music on that walk just made my day.